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Basic health care and guidance in parenting.

As a parent in Amsterdam you’ll most probably be in touch with a professional from the Ouder- en Kindteams Amsterdam. Whether it’s a paediatrician, nurse, youth psychologist or one of our social workers. From pregnancy on, we help parents and families with basic health care and parenting. To find the Ouder- en Kindteam in your district, please enter your postal code below.   


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Basic health care


We provide free basic healthcare for all children and young people between the ages of 0 and 23. This is focused first and foremost on the prevention and early detection of problems. If problems are detected, JGZ doctors and nurses often make referrals to the General Practitioner or to specialised healthcare, such as speech therapy, dietary advice or youth psychiatry. The Youth Health Department also provides parenting support and information, for example on how to prevent cot death.

Social work and parenting advice


Parenting isn’t easy. Our social workers and youth psychologists guide parents and families who need a helping hand.  Changes in your own situation and major life events – such as marriage, divorce, loss, changes in your financial situation, etc. – can also affect you, your family and how you interact with each other. We help you to navigate problems and your search for solutions.

Vaccination Program for Children


The Netherlands has an extensive National Immunisation Programme to protect children against infectious diseases, the programme includes vaccination against 12 potentially fatal infectious diseases. Young parents automatically receive an invitation for their baby. Parents do not have to pay for these vaccinations. While participation is not compulsory, over 95% of parents consent to having their children vaccinated. 


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Ouder- en Kindteams files are always kept digitally. Your file is well secured and can only be accessed by
Ouder- en Kindteams social workers involved with your child. If an Ouder- en Kindteams social worker wants to consult with others about your situation, they will request permission in advance. 


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Workshops and classes


Ouder- en Kindteams Amsterdam offers various workshops and classes for parents and children. For example Positive Parenting Online: Fear-less, Positive Parenting 12-, and Positive Parenting Teenagers Group. If you’d like to know more, please click the link below (dutch) or contact your Ouder- en Kindadviseur.

Workshops and classes (NL)

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